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  • Will my insurance cover my visit ?
    Dr Patel will be out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance. You will be provided with necessary document after the visit which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Kindly do keep in mind that based on your insurance, such reimbursement may vary widely. You can verify with your insurance about how much you will be reimbursed for Initial evaluation (CPT code 90792) and/or followup visit (CPT code 99214) to get clear idea about these reimbursements. Dr Patel is not able to see patients who have Medicare at current setup.
  • Why you do not accept insurance ?
    It is widely known that due to insurance company micro-managing delivery of health care services, it has significantly affected care patients receives. When Medical practices (similar to Connect Psychiatry) rely on insurance reimbursement for their survival, the payers (insurance companies) inevitably define and shape the care patients receive. Wait times are too long. Appointments get short. Most importantly- decision regarding care that should be made by you and your physician are often too heavily influenced by decision made by insurance companies (including not only what medication you should take, but also how frequently you should followup). By not being part of this insurance-company-determined system, Dr Patel would be able to focus on his patients with unbiased professional approach. Such out-of-network private medical practice gives you the ability to make important decisions regarding type and frequency of care you deemed necessary for you and your family. Although it may be perceived as higher cost upfront, if you add up cost of health care due to improper/hurried/insufficient care and resulting work hours lost; resorting to out-of-network practice makes more sense for Dr Patel as well as his patients.
  • Where do you provide services ?
    Dr Patel currently have full licenses to practice in following states: NJ, PA, HI, MT, WI, OH, VA, WA, WY, ID, IA and FL. As per state regulations, you must be physically located in one of these states at time of your appointment. As appointments will be through tele-psychiatry, you can attend your appointment whereever you feel comfortable- provided you have good internet connection and distraction free environment so that appointment can be carried out in safe and sercured manner.
  • Are there any services/medications you do not provide?
    1. Connect Psychiatry being telepsychiatry services- we do not have ability to provide emergent psychiatry care. If you feel you need emergent psychiatry care and/or having thoughts of hurting yourself or others, call 911 or go to nearby emergency room for appropriate prompt intervention. Once emergent condition has been handled appropriately, you can schedule appointment with Connect Psychiatry for further management. 2. Due to changing DEA regulations as well as individual state specific limitations, Connect Psychiatry does not prescribe any controlled medications (including Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium, etc.) 3. Connect Psychiatry does not provide/complete - Emotional Support Animal Letter - Disability Evaluation - Forensic Evaluation (including ability to own a weapon, ability to drive, ability to return to work, etc.) - TMS/ECT services - Suboxone treatment
  • What are your fees/charges ?
    Connect Psychiatry charges $400 for initial visit. Initial visit usually ranges from 45 mins - 1 hour depending upon complexity and age of patient. Subsequent follow up visits after initial visit will be charged at $250. As each case vary, need for frequency of follow up appointment will be discussed after initial visit.In general, it would be more frequent during initial phase of med adjustment (if needed) and would be spaced out every 2 months once on stable dose. Secured electronic health record used by Connect psychiatry will require you to provide valid credit card details at time of scheduling appointment. Same credit card will be charged for your visit fees and also for No-Show (if need arise). No-Show keeps Connect Psychiatry away from seeing people who are committed to their treatment. We have to abid by No-Show Policy to utilize our time appropriately. If you are more than 10 mins late for your scheduled appointment, you will be considered as "No-Show" and will be charged appropriate visit fee. You can reschedule/cancel appointment >24hrs prior to your appointment time without any no-show fees.
  • Can I get an same-day appointment ?
    Connect Psychiatry is unable to enroll any new patient at this point. If you are already an established patient with Connect Psychiatry, (requiring sooner appointment than your previously scheduled follow-up appointment)- send your request through your secure patient portal and you will be scheduled for next available appointment.
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