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Connect Psychiatry will abide by Policies and structure of the practice as stated below. It is expected and also assumed that by deciding to enroll to receive services at Connect Psychiatry, you agree to comply with these policies and consents to understanding them. 

  • Failures to keep appointments hamper our efforts to be efficient and are unfair to other patients. Our office policy is therefore to charge our full fee for "no-shows" or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.  This also applies to sessions in which you are not physically located within one of our licensed states (NJ, PA, HI, MT, WI, OH, VA, WY, IA, ID, WA and FL) at the time of your session, as these meetings will need to be rescheduled due to medical licensure laws.

  • We believe in the importance of a truly whole-person approach to health care.  In line with that philosophy, and because of the unique nature of telemedicine practice, we require both that all our patients have an ongoing relationship with a local primary care provider, and that you authorize us to collaborate with that provider in your care.  You are responsible for letting our office know if you change primary care providers in the future.

  • It is our intention to provide prompt, friendly email and telephone support to address questions or concerns you may have between visits at no charge.  However, we do ask that you keep the volume of emails and calls within reasonable limits, in order to allow us to continue to reply in a timely fashion to all our patients. All such communications will be answered in 24hrs.

  • Your personal information including your records are protected with currently applicable HIPAA privacy policy. you can request copy of our privacy policy for review. You can have access to your records through secured patient portal. 

  • As it is not possible to carry out complete physical examination through telemedicine, you are expected to follow-up with your primary care provider/PCP to monitor your physical health/medical issues regularly and will update Connect Psychiatry/Dr Patel accordingly about changes in physical health/medical issues as well as starting of new medication(s) by your primary care provider/specialist(s).

  • WE DO NOT PROVIDE EMERGENCY CARE. If you think you are facing an emergency, or that you might be facing an emergency, please do not rely on us for help. Immediately call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.  Connect Psychiatry does not provide any after-hours care or crisis management services, either.

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